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Risk Assessment for home visits and clinic sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Current government guidance has been re-issued for PPE use and standard infection control procedures when treating clients with suspected COVID-19. 

Follow this link for advice.

All registered physiotherapists regardless of sector or setting owe a duty of care to their patients. A duty of care is a legal responsibility to provide a reasonable standard of care to patients and to act in ways that protect their safety.


Any decision regarding how to manage therapy and when or if to conduct a face-to-face appointment will be openly discussed with the client, all risks and benefits to the patient and others in the household will be clearly identified and considered jointly. This specifically should include discussion of:

•the mechanisms and risks of transmission and exposure

•the nature of close patient contact during a physiotherapy consultation

•the level of PPE that a clinician will be required to wear

•the infection prevention and control measures that must be taken

This will ensure that the therapist and client can comply with government social distancing and shielding directives and mitigate as far as reasonably practicable the risk of transmitting the disease to patients and the wider general public, particularly to those in the vulnerable and extremely vulnerable categories.


When entering a property for a domiciliary visit, the following current guidance will be adhered to:

- Pre-appointment COVID check

- Face mask worn if required by risk assessment

- Ventilation of property where appropriate

- Social distancing measures where appropriate

- Hand hygiene performed before and after visit


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